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Evolved from the original BluestNight theme, Midnight is the next generation configurable theme from BluestNight, with a focus on privacy, using modern technologies, and being configurable and extensible. A lot of work and attention to detail has gone into making this theme as polished as possible.

Prioritizing Privacy

One of the key aspects of BluestNight products in general is a focus on user privacy. For Midnight, this means avoiding the use of products like Google Analytics, popular advertising networks, Facebook integration, Disqus comments, and other services that make money off of harvesting user data.

Instead, you'll find privacy-respecting alternatives integrated in the theme, like Matomo analytics, the Commento comments system, and privacy and cookie policy compliance from Iubenda.

Prioritizing Modern Tech

Midnight uses recent web development standards to create and deliver a quality product devoid of hackish workarounds. In doing so, Midnight only supports modern browsers, namely:

  • Google Chrome: Desktop 49+/Mobile 67+
  • Mozilla Firefox: Desktop 36+/Mobile 60+
  • Microsoft Edge 16+
  • Opera: Desktop 36+/Mobile 46+
  • Safari: Desktop 11+/Mobile 9.3+
  • Android Webview 67 (Android 5+)
  • Samsung Internet 5+

Internet Explorer is not supported - since Microsoft has enforced upgrades to Windows 10, most people using the bundled browser will be using Edge. The web compatibility website Can I Use shows that the estimated global usage share for Internet Explorer is under 3%.

Opera Mini is not supported - Opera Mini is a mobile browser offered by Opera Software AS featuring ad-blocking and data savings. It does not support many modern web standards and has 2.3% usage share.

According to Can I Use, Midnight supports approximately this percent of users in each geographical area:

  • North America: 89%
  • South America: 93%
  • Europe: 86%
  • Africa: 72%
  • Middle East: 84%
  • Asia: 73.7%
  • Australia: 89%
  • Global: 83%

Prioritizing Customization

Midnight is written to ensure that theme users can configure the theme as they like and truly make it their own.

The biggest source of customization comes from the plugin framework in Midnight. This framework allows site owners and developers to integrate features into the theme. Midnight offers the following four categories of plugins:

Even the core features of Midnight can be customized, though. The theme features a fully customizable color scheme, font configuration, background customization, and much more.

Attention to Detail

Midnight includes features that others might not even think to include in their own themes, such as full favicon integration - who knew there were so many different kinds of icons?

Another key feature is BluestNight's ability to determine if a given color is “light” or “dark” and make decisions based on that such was whether to use the light or dark version of a logo on that color background. This feature works with every kind of CSS color notation, including hex (#112233), RGB(A) (rgb(255, 174, 83, 0.9)), and color keywords (rebeccapurple).

Finally, each change is test-driven to make sure no weird issues might show up while people are using the theme. This catches most problems that wouldn't have been caught otherwise. On the rare occasion that something gets missed, users can report it on the Midnight issue tracker.