Validate All The Things!

Last month, the Hugo developers released version 0.30 of Hugo. The big-ticket items mentioned in the release notes were the new fast render mode, improvements to template metrics, and improvements to the built-in syntax highlighting. Another feature added, that was left underneath the release announcement, was the addition of the errorf template function. It seems like a small thing, but has huge implications: it means that theme developers can now safely tell users that they’ve misconfigured their theme! [Read more from Validate All the Things!...]

Events: Overhauled

Time for another big update to BluestNight! In this episode, the events system has been overhauled to look nicer and provide more functionality than previously. Also, a some other semantic changes to watch out for while updating. [Read more from Events: Overhauled...]

Easy Privacy Policies And Optimizations

Iubenda: Easy Privacy Policies BluestNight now comes with support for privacy policies generated by Iubenda (referral link). Iubenda is a simple solution for owners of websites that require a privacy policy (i.e. collect any sort of data from their users). Policies are assembled by choosing data-collecting services from a large list, customizing them as necessary, and clicking “Save.” The service selection dialog of Iubenda. Free Accounts Free accounts are limited to a single privacy policy and may only include the policy on the site in the form of a button that opens a dialog box on the page. [Read more from Easy Privacy Policies and Optimizations...]

BluestNight is All Grown Up!

On March 20th, 2017, I made the first commit in the BluestNight repository. Back then, BluestNight was little more than my attempt to create a cleaner-written version of the Mainroad theme after I grew frustrated with maintaining the fork I made, named “Darkroad” (it was a dark version of Mainroad). [Read more from BluestNight Is All Grown Up!...]