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A lot has gone on since the last update post. New features, a ton of bug fixes, style tweaks, and a new setup guide!

Setup Guides

Before going into the changes made to the theme itself, I'd like to announce the existence of the BluestNight setup guide and related site template.

With so many options built into BluestNight, it can be a little confusing to get a new Hugo site set up with it. The site template comes with a documented config.toml file that includes links to relevant pages of documentation on this site. The guide is a little sparse right now, but will get fleshed out as time goes on.

Important Changes

Here are the things that may break or otherwise change how things were normally set up in BluestNight:

  • Alegreya has been added as a more “normal” serif font. Zilla Slab is still available as the “slab-serif” option.
  • List markers (bullet points, etc) are now inside the list block, not outside (in the margins)
  • Pagination buttons have been moved and restyled.
  • Sites without a tagline will have a larger title.
  • The params.piwik and background fit_width configuration options are being phased out in favor of params.matomo and fit, respectively. Both params.piwik and fit_width still work for now, but will be removed in a later update.

New Features

  • Default CSS code styles - just set PygmentsUseClasses = true in your configuration file. The style will change depending on if your background color is detected as light or dark. This can be overridden.
  • Site thumbnail image - displays to the left of the site title.
  • KaTeX is used with the new math shortcode to render LaTeX-style math.
  • New remind shortcode to remind you to get things done before you publish.


Lots of them. Some to do with making things line up better, some for making sure things are the right colors, some to make sure things don't break. It's best if you just look at the full list of changes below.

What's Next?

I've fallen behind in keeping up with the new features taking place in Hugo, so that and bug fixing will be my focus for now.

  • Related content - Probably a row of 2-4 links just above or below the authorbox (below the page content but above comments).
  • Image processing - If medium_src and/or small_src are not defined in the site configuration, automatically resize the next largest specified image so it is as wide as the largest possible medium/small screen (1024px or 640px, respectively).
  • Page Bundles/Resources - Honestly, there is so much here that I'm still not quite sure how this feature works. It looks incredibly powerful and, if used correctly, may lead to an overhaul in some features in BluestNight. Some ideas that may find their way into BluestNight are:
    • A shortcode to include content from one content file into another
    • A replacement for the built-in figure shortcode that includes options for modifying the image (or, you know, you could edit it yourself)
    • Who knows what else?

All Changes

  • 342e5746 Fixed button stylings, especially in tables
  • 2d993ba0 Add default CSS code styles, intelligently chosen based on theme colors
  • d5265a05 Fix build errors when no site menu is defined
  • 3bbe89e4 Add site thumbnail/logo
  • fc79c457 Hide site logo if the screen is too small
  • e295d834 Actually hide hidden things
  • 01826a9e Remove random space character
  • 7812ccf5 Choose minified or not JavaScript based on a configuration parameter
  • 6c52b5f8 Use cacheable version of the Iubenda JavaScript
  • 38845919 Finalize light/dark code style defaults
  • 24d215a3 Hide images from the Android gallery app (for mobile development)
  • 1f97d475 Separate #main-nav styles from widget styles
  • 1933e206 Improve site header appearance and behavior
  • c98af360 Outside bullets look weird - move them inside where they belong
  • e56f48e7 Leave a space between next/prev page title and button icons
  • 3bf7a367 Improve pagination styles
  • 59ac2d8b Make a title without a tagline larger
  • 0a7aafb6 Add math parsing support by KaTeX
  • d710afac Don't let Iubenda block scripts that don't set cookies
  • 335a7f35 Fix JSON generation for content containing backslashes
  • b033a63a Use author for copyright, if available
  • 42c57eac Fix issues with sites in subdirectories
  • a59de0fe Fix menus for sites in subdirectories
  • 16fc7baf Add reminder shortcode
  • e52819f3 Fix bad “Subscribe to ______” link in the sidebar on taxonomy term pages
  • 659c1b5a Remove attempt to fill in the author field on archetype templates, as it caused errors
  • 78be93d5 Prioritize site Copyright parameter and use .Site.Params.Author for copyright field
  • 43942892 Add Alegreya as a “normal” serif font
  • 37ecd2cc Add the fit background configuration option to replace fit_width
  • 71f62a95 Rename Piwik stuff to Matomo
  • 221e1094 Fix CSS errors in code styles, added minified versions
  • 48ad7e01 Updated README
  • ddd82dc2 Make sure code inside strikethroughs are struck through
  • 18eb10ac Fix an issue where the site thumbnail was visible when it didn't fit next to the title