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Midnight 0.9.0: Speed and Security

This release of Midnight, I’ve focused on making generated sites faster and more secure, as well as fixing a couple bugs and extending a feature or two. Server Configurations A large part of the work in this release revolves around Midnight’s ability to create server configuration files. These files are generated based on options in the site’s configuration file. Midnight is currently able to generate configurations for Nginx and Netlify. [Read more from Midnight 0.9.0: Speed and Security...]

The More Things Change...

A lot has gone on since the last update. The theme has completely changed under the hood and has a new name. There’s a new form-handling server (currently in beta) that makes it easy to do what you want when people submit forms on your website. Plus, future plans for keeping the projects sustainable. [Read more from The More Things Change......]

Validate All The Things!

Last month, the Hugo developers released version 0.30 of Hugo. The big-ticket items mentioned in the release notes were the new fast render mode, improvements to template metrics, and improvements to the built-in syntax highlighting. Another feature added, that was left underneath the release announcement, was the addition of the errorf template function. It seems like a small thing, but has huge implications: it means that theme developers can now safely tell users that they’ve misconfigured their theme! [Read more from Validate All the Things!...]

Events: Overhauled

Time for another big update to BluestNight! In this episode, the events system has been overhauled to look nicer and provide more functionality than previously. Also, a some other semantic changes to watch out for while updating. [Read more from Events: Overhauled...]

BluestNight is All Grown Up!

On March 20th, 2017, I made the first commit in the BluestNight repository. Back then, BluestNight was little more than my attempt to create a cleaner-written version of the Mainroad theme after I grew frustrated with maintaining the fork I made, named “Darkroad” (it was a dark version of Mainroad). [Read more from BluestNight Is All Grown Up!...]