Version 0.7.0 has been released! See the release announcement for more information.

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Add the following to your site’s config.toml file:

    page_background = "#000000"
    main_background = "#050505"
    alt_background = "#252525"
    main_text = "#e2e2e2"
    alt_text = "#e2e2e2"
    accent = "#2c8cef"
    accent_text = "#e2e2e2"
        page_background: "#000000"
        main_background: "#050505"
        alt_background: "#252525"
        main_text: "#e2e2e2"
        alt_text: "#e2e2e2"
        accent: "#2c8cef"
        accent_text: "#e2e2e2"
    "params": {
        "color": {
            "page_background": "#000000",
            "main_background": "#050505",
            "alt_background": "#252525",
            "main_text": "#e2e2e2",
            "alt_text": "#e2e2e2",
            "accent": "#2c8cef",
            "accent_text": "#e2e2e2"

The above values represent the default colors in the theme. Modify them as you’d like.

  • page_background is the background color for what is “behind” the page. This is the same area as where the background image is applied, so it is a good idea to pick a color that matches the image if you use fit = "contain" on the background image.
  • main_background is the background color for most of the content page.
  • alt_background is the alternate background color for the page. This background is applied to the navigation bar, footer, various buttons, and as the alternate color for zebra-striped tables.
  • main_text is the font color that corresponds with main_background.
  • alt_text is the font color that corresponds with alt_background.
  • accent is the color applied to the site header, links, and buttons that are hovered over or marked active.
  • accent_text is the font color that is used when accent is being used as the background color.