Version 0.7.0 has been released! See the release announcement for more information.

Also, if you like BluestNight, please consider supporting its development.

Some settings for BluestNight are applied across the entire site. You can find those settings here.


Customize the appearance of your Hugo site by adding a custom background image, changing the colors used for the site, or modifying the default choice of whether to use serif or sans-serif fonts. [Read more from Appearance...]


Use an alert if you need to make sure that your reader’s eye is brought to some important information before they get to the main content. You can have site-wide and page-specific alerts, which work the same except for where they are set. [Read more from Alert...]


BluestNight comes with support for Matomo as an site analytics provider. This requires having a Matomo instance hosted somewhere, either self-hosted or hosted by Innocraft. The theme uses the JavaScript tracking client. [Read more from Analytics...]

Website Policies

BluestNight currently supports two methods of including privacy policies (and other website policy documents) as links in the footer of the site. Custom Files The first method is to create the documents and/or in the root of the content directory (i.e. content/ They will be detected and have links in the footer under the copyright. Iubenda Integration The second is an integration with Iubenda, a service that allows users to select how they collect user information - comment systems, analytics, forms, etc. [Read more from Website Policies...]

Social Icons

Social icons are an easy way to link viewers of your site to other parts of your online presence, such as to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. The complete list is below. [Read more from Social Icons...]