Display your most recent posts in the sidebar!

The recent article sidebar widget displays the ten most recent pages under the post section, as well as buttons to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the whole site and the current section or taxonomy (tag/category).

Hugo considers a content folder a “section” if it is a direct child of the content/ folder (e.g. content/post/) or if it contains an _index.md file. The section that BluestNight matches is the closest valid section to the current page.

For example, this site has the folder docs/ as a direct child of the content/ folder, so it is a section. The child folders pages/, shortcodes, sidebar, and site do not have an _index.md file, so they are not a nested section. Thus the closest valid section for a page in any of those folders is docs.


Set recent_articles to true under Params.widgets in the site configuration file.

# config.toml

    recent_articles = true # Enable recent articles view