The events system in BluestNight previously used data files, but now uses content files instead. Be sure to update your site accordingly. More info here.

You have a list of events you want to share with your reader base - why not display them on your site?

BluestNight provides both a sidebar widget to display the 5 earliest occurring events listed and a template for a .ics calendar file that readers can subscribe to.


Create a new content file in the events section of your site. The easiest way to do this is to use the hugo new command:

hugo new events/

Hugo should automatically populate the front matter of the file with the appropriate variables:

  • title: The title of the event (and its related page).
  • location: The location of the event.
  • start_date: The starting datetime of the event.
  • end_date: The ending datetime of the event.
  • doors_open: The datetime representing when the doors open (where start_date represents when people can start lining up for the doors).

To enable events on your site, set upcoming_events to true under Params.widgets in your sites configuration folder:

# In config.toml

    upcoming_events = true


  • Items do not automatically disappear from the sidebar
    • BluestNight automatically filters out events that have already passed when adding events to the sidebar, but it cannot dynamically remove them as they pass, due to it being a static site. It is on the site administrator to at least rebuild the site after an event has passed, though I suggest considering removing the data file as well.