Version 0.7.0 has been released! See the release announcement for more information.

Also, if you like BluestNight, please consider supporting its development.

BluestNight comes bundled with a handful of configurable sidebar widgets. Each can be enabled or disabled in your site’s configuration file.

Furthermore, site creators can define their own sidebar widgets and use them with BluestNight’s sidebar configuration.


You have a list of events you want to share with your reader base - why not display them on your site? BluestNight provides both a sidebar widget to display the 5 earliest occurring events listed and a template for a .ics calendar file that readers can subscribe to. [Read more from Events...]

Recent Posts

Display your most recent posts in the sidebar! The recent article sidebar widget displays the ten most recent pages under the post section, as well as buttons to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the whole site and the current section or taxonomy (tag/category). [Read more from Recent Posts...]


BluestNight offers client-side searching powered by Lunr.js. This searching is powered by a JSON index of your site’s content pages - this does not include any list pages, even ones customized using Results are displayed as you type, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. [Read more from Search...]


Provide visitors to your site easy ways to offer monetary support through a sidebar widget with links and buttons to donate through specific platforms. [Read more from Support...]

Tag List

Show a cloud of the tags you’ve used on the site in your sidebar. This widget currently shows all of the tags used on the website, in order of how often they are used (most common listed first, etc.) You can optionally enable showing how many times the tag has been used. [Read more from Tag List...]