Here are the shortcodes provided by BluestNight. Some shortcodes may be listed instead as part of a feature in a different section.

Custom Fonts

Sometimes (sans-)serif fonts just don’t cut it for what you’re writing. You’re posting a letter on your website and want it to look handwritten, or at least have the signature look handwritten. The handwriting shortcode provides you with a number of available handwriting fonts to achieve this effect. [Read more from Custom Fonts...]

Link To Static Files

There's a limitation with the way links are created in markdown. Sites whose BaseURL is in a subdirectory of a site (i.e. may not link correctly using existing methods. This shortcode helps circumvent this limitation. [Read more from Link to Static Files...]

Math Typesetting

BluestNight comes with support for LaTeX-like equation typesetting powered by KaTeX. Usage To stick as close as possible to the syntax used by LaTeX and recommended by KaTeX, you use the {{< math >}} shortcode to mark text to be rendered as math. Be sure to view the syntax used by KaTeX. An inline equation: {{< math >}}y = mx + b{{< /math >}} An inline equation: $y = mx + b$ A block-display equation: {{< math >}} x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a} {{< /math >}} A block-display equation: $$x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a}$$ Why Another Shortcode? [Read more from Math Typesetting...]


Looking to put together a nice Members page for your site, but don’t want to write a bunch of custom HTML to make it look good? Just use the {{< member >}} shortcode! [Read more from Members...]


Add reminders to your content pages so you don’t forget to make that one change again! The {{< remind >}} shortcode throws an error while building non-draft (published) pages. This will cause automatic “build and publish” sequences to fail, which is intended. The point of the reminder is to get to it before you publish the page! To avoid interfering with the development process, {{< remind >}} does not throw errors on draft pages. [Read more from Reminders...]

Responsive Tables

The markdown processor bundled with Hugo has the ability to parse markdown tables, but these tables are not mobile-friendly (like most tables). This didn’t work well for me, since my markdown tables were rendering poorly on mobile devices due to automatic content sizing. More often than not, the table ended up overflowing and looking unprofessional. So I put together a set of shortcodes to help create tables that would shift around on small screens to be more readable. [Read more from Responsive Tables...]