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It’s recommended to use [RealFaviconGenerator][favicon-gen] to generate favicons for your site, as it generates all necessary files.

Different web browsers on different systems each expect a different kind of favicon image for their platform. Midnight supports using these different favicons and will automatically include them in the metadata for your website, if found.

Midnight looks for the following files in the static directory:

  • favicon.ico - the generic favicon. Midnight adds the query string ?nocache to the end of the URL so updates to the icon get propagated to users.
  • favicon-DDxDD.png - favicons of various sizes, where DDxDD is their dimensions (e.g. 96x96).
  • apple-touch-icon.png - Apple’s iOS favicon for adding to the home screen.
  • site.webmanifest - A JSON manifest file to define the icon used when Android users add your site to their homescreen.
  • safari-pinned-tab.svg - An icon for Mac OS X users to pin your site to their start bar.

Also: Windows Live Tiles

The website RealFaviconGenerator allows you to upload a single image and generate all of the above files. Just unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file to the /static/ folder of your site.