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Midnight allows the entire color scheme to be modified from the defaults. By setting specific properties in your site's configuration file, you can make the site use whatever colors you want, while keeping a sane aesthetic.

To change the colors on the site, add on or more of the following to your site's configuration file:

    page_background = "#000000"
    main_background = "#050505"
    alt_background = "#252525"
    main_text = "#e2e2e2"
    alt_text = "#e2e2e2"
    accent = "#2c8cef"
    accent_text = "#e2e2e2"
        page_background: "#000000"
        main_background: "#050505"
        alt_background: "#252525"
        main_text: "#e2e2e2"
        alt_text: "#e2e2e2"
        accent: "#2c8cef"
        accent_text: "#e2e2e2"
    "params": {
        "color": {
            "page_background": "#000000",
            "main_background": "#050505",
            "alt_background": "#252525",
            "main_text": "#e2e2e2",
            "alt_text": "#e2e2e2",
            "accent": "#2c8cef",
            "accent_text": "#e2e2e2"

The above values represent the default colors in the theme. Modify them as you'd like.

  • page_background is the background color for what is “behind” the page. This is the same area as where the background image is applied, so it is a good idea to pick a color that matches the image if you use fit = "contain" on the background image.
  • main_background is the background color for most of the content page.
  • alt_background is the alternate background color for the page. This background is applied to the navigation bar, footer, various buttons, and as the alternate color for zebra-striped tables.
  • main_text is the font color that corresponds with main_background.
  • alt_text is the font color that corresponds with alt_background.
  • accent is the color applied to the site header, links, and buttons that are hovered over or marked active.
  • accent_text is the font color that is used when accent is being used as the background color.