If you like my work, please consider supporting its development.

Provide visitors to your site easy ways to offer monetary support through a sidebar widget with links and buttons to donate through specific platforms.

Enable the widget by adding "support" to params.sidebar.order. You can find examples of configuring the various options below.

Custom Support Page

The sidebar widget provides a simple way to link to popular donation methods, but may not contain all of the information you want to give your users about giving support. You can link the header of the support widget to a page with more information on how to donate by setting params.sidebar.support.support_page to the location of the file containing the information, relative to content/ (example below). Neither the file suffix nor /index.md are necessary.


Intended as an alternative to the standalone Patreon widget, provide visitors with a button that links to your Patreon profile page. Just set params.sidebar.support.patreon to your Patreon page's slug (the part coming after patreon.com/).


Liberapay, if you haven't heard of it, is a recurring payment platform like Patreon. The main difference is that Liberapay is an open source platform backed by a non-profit organization - you can find a comparison between it and services like Patreon here.

To add a link to Liberapay in the sidebar, set params.sidebar.support.liberapay to your username on Liberapay.


Monero is an alternative cryptocurrency to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It provides extra privacy and anonymity to the latter coins and uses a Proof-Of-Work algorithm that makes it resistant to the use of ASICs - this means that people with consumer-grade hardware can mine Monero and earn something. With coins like Bitcoin, specialized hardware (ASICs) make it virtually pointless to try to mine the coin with consumer hardware. (What Is Monero?)

To enable users to send you Monero, set params.sidebar.support.monero to your Monero wallet's public address. When users click/tap on the Monero icon in the sidebar, a text field and a button will appear - the button can be used to copy the wallet address to the user's clipboard, with the text field as a fallback option.

Request New Methods

You can request new buttons for the sidebar widget using the bugtracker. When you make the request, keep the following in mind:

  • For consistency, all icons for the buttons are from Font Awesome. When requesting a new method, please provide a suggestion from the linked gallery.
  • If the button should just be a link (like Patreon), please provide a link template along with what information in the link differentiates users.
  • If the button should not be a link (like Monero), please provide a short explanation of what you think should happen when the button gets clicked.


    order = [
        # ...
        # ...
        support_page = "support"
        patreon = "shadow53"
        liberapay = "shadow53"
        monero = "44M7tstc9TA4VAGTbDvpQ2Hm8HebtWqwe84ee1SCoShibucBNRWye7CBjmQnhNacJdB7kuSdK2eevbyZRd5fQ2z93jmbWC1"
            # ...
            - support
            # ...
            support_page: support
            patreon: shadow53
            liberapay: shadow53
            monero: 44M7tstc9TA4VAGTbDvpQ2Hm8HebtWqwe84ee1SCoShibucBNRWye7CBjmQnhNacJdB7kuSdK2eevbyZRd5fQ2z93jmbWC1
  "params": {
    "sidebar": {
      "order": [
      "support": {
        "support_page": "support",
        "patreon": "shadow53",
        "liberapay": "shadow53",
        "monero": "44M7tstc9TA4VAGTbDvpQ2Hm8HebtWqwe84ee1SCoShibucBNRWye7CBjmQnhNacJdB7kuSdK2eevbyZRd5fQ2z93jmbWC1"