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Use this shortcode to create forms that integrate with BluestNight's Nebula Forms.

The nebula-form shortcode serves as one of two wrappers to the form-input and mult-input shortcodes. Without either wrapper you may be able to create form elements using the other shortcodes, but they won't submit anywhere.

Required Parameters

  • name: Equivalent to the name attribute on an HTML <form>. Must be unique among forms on the page.
  • server: The base URL of the Nebula Forms server instance. May contain a subdirectory, e.g. if Nebula Forms is available at https://example.com/forms
    • Can also be specified site-wide as [params.forms.server]
  • path: The path from the server's base URL to submit to.
    • If Nebula is available at https://example.com/forms and is configured to handle the form at https://example.com/forms/contact, path should equal /contact

Optional Parameters

  • honeypot: The name to use for a honeypot in the form.

Creating Input Fields

To create the actual input fields for the form, use the following shortcodes:

Example Form

{{< nebula-form name="contact" server="https://example.com/nebula" path="/contact" >}}
  {{< form-input id="firstname" type="text" placeholder="John" label="First Name:" required="true" >}}
  {{< form-input id="lastname" type="text" placeholder="Doe" label="Last Name:" >}}
  {{< form-input id="reply_email" type="email" placeholder="john.doe@email.com" label="Reply-To Email:" required="true" >}}
  {{< mult-input label="Gender:" name="gender" required="true" add_other="true" type="select" >}}
    {{< mult-option label="Male" value="male" >}}
    {{< mult-option label="Female" value="female" >}}
  {{< /mult-input >}}
  {{< form-input type="text" id="submit_reason" required="true" label="Reason for contacting:" placeholder="Problem with site" >}}
  {{< form-input id="contact_description" type="textarea" label="Explain:" required="true" >}}
{{< /netlify-form >}}