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These features are available to be used on a per-page basis by modifying the front matter of the file. Includes options for customizing what content appears on list pages.


Use the authorbox to provide attribution to the author of a post or page. The authorbox feature is based on the member shortcode and requires the same setup in order to work. Note: if the URL key is set in the author's data file, the <a> tag linking to the URL will have the rel="author" attribute set on it. [Read more from Authorbox...]


Hugo provides a mechanism for extracting the first part of a page's content to serve as a “summary” of the content. This works if the first bit of content serves as a good summary of the rest of the page. Sometimes, though, it doesn't. There's no built-in method for providing your own text as a “summary” - but there is in Midnight. [Read more from Summaries...]