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This section contains extensive documentation for people using Midnight on their own websites.

Page Configuration

These features are available to be used on a per-page basis by modifying the front matter of the file. Includes options for customizing what content appears on list pages.

Server Configurations

This section contains information on using Midnight to generate secure configuration files for the server software used by your site.


Here are the shortcodes provided by Midnight. Some shortcodes may be listed instead as part of a feature in a different section.

Sidebar Widgets

Midnight comes bundled with a handful of configurable sidebar widgets. Each can be enabled or disabled in your site’s configuration file. Furthermore, site creators can define their own sidebar widgets and use them with Midnight’s sidebar configuration.

Site Configuration

Some settings for Midnight are applied across the entire site. You can find those settings here. That includes integrating website policy documents, changing the look of the theme, and options for how to build the site.