Docs: Pages

These features are available to be used on a per-page basis by modifying the front matter of the file.

Docs: Shortcodes

Here are the shortcodes provided by BluestNight. Some shortcodes may be listed instead as part of a feature in a different section.

Docs: Sidebar

BluestNight comes bundled with a handful of configurable sidebar widgets. Each can be enabled or disabled in your site’s configuration file.

Docs: Site

Some settings for BluestNight are applied across the entire site. You can find those settings here.

Example Configs

To help you set up your site with BluestNight, visit the setup guide, which includes a link to a template site with a documented config.toml file. If you use a server with Nginx, you can also download a template configuration file to place in /etc/nginx/conf.d/. If you have any experience writing configuration files for Apache servers or .htaccess files, please contribute to this issue on Phabricator.